Even if it means bringing them back down to earth, helping clients give shape to their ideas is what makes the advisory business so compelling and worthwhile.

Titi Odunfa Adeoye

Founder & Managing Director, Sankore Investments

In the last 10 years, people in Nigeria often do not have all the tools necessary to appropriately deploy their funding. Therefore, we created a product called the Global Portfolio Analysis, which helps us understand the composition of affluent people's wealth in Nigeria. The analysis also sheds light on how their resources are allocated and the risk and return characteristics. The average Nigerian high-net-worth individual (HNI) is not properly structured to build wealth sustainably. They usually have about 55-60% of their net worth in low-yielding investments like residential real estate or land. Looking at the total portfolio return, we often discover they are losing money after inflation. The fact that HNIs in Nigeria are not building wealth for themselves translates into less investment flowing into other sectors, which does not benefit anyone. This is where Sankore comes in with our investment strategies. We employ our knowledge and understanding to help our clients build a portfolio that will increase their wealth and in turn the country's.

Temitope Runsewe

Managing Director, Sage Grey

We do oil and gas, gas processing and development, power, infrastructure, manufacturing, and financial institutions. We stay ahead of the competition by being innovative, value-creation focused, knowledgeable, and always bringing something to the table. We have proven ourselves before and have continued to do so for our clients. Even though we have the experience and expertise in some projects we undertake with our clients, we always approach each project fresh and new. This means we bring something unique to the table to every new transaction. This includes a superior approach, unconventional structuring, value unlocking through creating of synergies, or a clear understanding of the operating environment vis-à-vis the international industry's ongoings. We experience higher demand in oil and gas, gas processing and development, manufacturing, power, and finance. We try to focus on specific sectors in which we excel, understand, and are convinced are viable.

Diekola Onaolapo

CEO, Managing Director & Founder, Eczellon Capital

Ife Fashola

Group CEO, Kedari Capital

We pride ourselves on the fact that Nigeria is a blank slate for us. We are solutions artists who can literally paint anything on the canvas. We are strong in advisory services; we help firms structure their businesses and put their plans together, raise funds, and seek technical partners. Our clients walk in with an idea, and we build it into a business. Most times, entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas and huge visions that are bigger than their capacity for execution. They need someone who can help bring structure to their thoughts and inspirations, which is what we do in our business advisory, financial advisory, and consulting services arm. It is all about strategy, planning, and risk management. We have a whole unit that engages purely in risk management consulting, though we also offer investment advisory services. Some of our clients are corporations with huge investment portfolios. We constantly review and restructure these portfolios to ensure they fall within a certain risk framework that we have designed.