The fact that Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and holds the largest natural gas reserves on the continent means there is no dearth of opportunities for oil and gas companies of all sizes and types.

Nuhu Yakubu

Managing Director & CEO, Banner Energy

We are a gas and power company and big in the LPG space, as we own the largest network of retail LPG plants in the country. We also promote both LPG-to-power and LPG-to-industry projects. On the power side, we have a 500-MW generation project, in addition to an LPG terminal ship-loading coastal storage project at Ikot Abasi. We are chasing financial closure for these projects and hope to conclude that phase soon. We are also a licensed meter provider. We also hope to commence a meter assembly plant, depending on the availability of funds. We have signed agreements with Shell GAS, and together, we are trying to develop a few CNG and LNG projects. We started off with Shell with the CNG business more than 15 years ago, but the market was not mature enough, which is why we settled for the LPG sector. Now that we have established our footprint with a strong market share, we are looking at opportunities in the CNG and LNG space.

David Ige

Founder & CEO, GasInvest Limited

Nigeria has significant gas reserves and a huge production capacity; however, one of the challenges for the domestic gas market is that it has not reached the level of maturity that easily allows for bankability of projects. Recognizing this challenge, we have been working on creating an ecosystem that enables bankable investments. One of the projects we are working on is the Kwale Industrial Park project to aggregate demand that can easily be served by gas infrastructure. By putting together industrial clusters and infrastructure, we are better able to make the investments and infrastructure bankable and enhance the profitability of the investment. For the Kwale Industrial Park project, which is a JV between the government, Gas Invest, and Tempo Energy, the idea is to build a 10-sqkm park in Delta State for medium-scale industries, mostly ceramics, tiles, glass, rubber, and petrochemicals. The location of the park is close to gas fields, offering the benefit of competitive costs and reliable supply.

Tunde Ajala

Founding Executive Director, Dovewell Oilfield Services

Dovewell experienced tremendous growth in 2018 and 2019. We completed a series of projects within this time and as a result, we grew in terms of human capital, resources, and technology and innovation. Our performance in the last five years has earned us great recognition. We have grown to handle bigger projects. At present, we are doing the Abami Technical support services for Chevron and providing about 100 professionals to Addax Petroleum. We are also running inspection services for Shell Bonga. In fact, we are carrying out hi-tech inspection projects, and one of the largest innovations that we have brought onboard is drones for inspection, which only one or two companies in Nigeria can handle. Our human capital is one of the key drivers that have positioned us to where we are today. We develop the knowledge and capabilities of our people through in-house training as well as trainings offered by our partners. This strategy has boosted our capacity and enabled us to fare better against the competition.

Mazen Jubaili

Managing Director, JMG

We have grown in all our major segments. Our diversification has proven to be the right way forward. Our electrical wholesale business has grown despite the sector's general slowdown. We offer Legrand's electrical infrastructure products, which are well appreciated in the market for their wide range, quality, and cost. We have grown our elevator and escalator segment in partnership with thyssenkrupp, a globally renowned brand. We have won many projects in this segment with a logic integration between those products. We seek to become a one-stop shop providing building and infrastructure solutions. This means we can supply power, back-up power, solar power, electrical switchgears, panels and wiring devices, elevator and escalators, and chillers to residential and commercial projects. Our ability to provide integrated solutions to contractors have provided us with an edge. Our partnership with TRANE, a world leader in ventilation, chillers, and air conditioning, also proves our success.