HE Mohammed A. Ahli

Director General, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA)

Upgrades to Terminal 3 and the development of Al Maktoum International Airport are being carried out pursuant to the Master Plan 2020, which is designed to meet projected demand of 115 million passengers and 570,000 aircraft movements per annum. The success of Dubai's airlines in providing global connectivity, and the demand set to be created by the World Expo 2020 have prompted the authorities to revise the strategic plans extending to 2045, and to further develop infrastructure to facilitate growth. Through this process, we also contribute to the development of the aviation infrastructure for the benefit of the global aviation industry.

David J. Ross

Senior Vice-President, FedEx Express MEIA

Dubai's Vision 2020 aims to build on the economic and social progress of the city. Winning the World Expo 2020 bid, an integral part of the Vision 2020, will have a tremendous impact on Dubai and the UAE's economy. Businesses of all sizes, from both public and private sectors, will be involved in one form or the other, fuelling growth across all major industries in the country, including logistics. We expect demand for international and domestic shipping to increase as the country prepares to host World Expo 2020. This will be an exciting time for FedEx and the logistics industry in Dubai. The economic impact after the Expo takes place will reinforce Dubai's position as a key economic and trade hub, attracting more SMEs and large corporations to set up their businesses in the city, which, in return, will sustain the need for express shipping and logistic solutions.

Lars Oestergaard Nielsen

Managing Director of the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Iran, Maersk Line

I think the World Expo 2020 bid will have an impact on the maritime industry, but more on local logistics in terms of supply. If we get 30 million visitors here in 2020, they will need food and drink and things to buy in the shops. If the Expo is held in Dubai, we'll need a supply chain to support that event in terms of having all the products available, since very little of what people buy and consume in Dubai is manufactured here. It will have an impact, in terms of driving more products toward the Emirate.

Frank-Uwe Ungerer

Country Manager for the UAE, DHL Express

First, I hope Dubai wins the bid to host World Expo 2020, because it will create a lot of interest in Dubai and hopefully reestablish it in the public imagination as a great place to do business. Infrastructure has also developed positively. The building of flyovers and more roads has drastically reduced traffic, and there is now relatively little except for during rush hour to and from Sharjah. This makes our life much easier as a courier company because everything is about speed for us. This means we might be able to deliver a package 10 minutes earlier, which would save a client 10 minutes of production time. Our job is to move things as fast as possible across the world, so small improvements like this make a tremendous difference. Minutes can be very valuable. Many investments have happened and many investments are going to happen, and Expo 2020 would represent a major influx of capital into the city. I hope Dubai wins it.