The country's largest trading partners are not content to merely facilitate their own trade with the UAE, but also to export Emirati expertise and capital to their lands as well.

Felix Neugartt

CEO, German Industry and Commerce Chamber

Business relations between Germany and the UAE have been developing tremendously over the last several years. We have seen a seven-fold increase in German exports to the UAE since 2000. Many small and medium-sized German companies active in the Gulf region and beyond chose Dubai as the headquarters for their regional activities. The German foreign trade promotion network AHK has been present with a delegate office in Dubai since 1999. The increase in trade and the growing presence of German companies led to the establishment of the German Emirati Joint Business Council in 2009, which now boasts over 500 members in the UAE and a has offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In terms of German firms moving to the region, it is because Germany is fairly unique: there are few countries in the world in general where small and medium-sized companies have such a large share of international business, especially international export-orientated SMEs.

Ramsey Jurdi

President, American Business Council

We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2015. During the 1980s, there was a major push into Dubai by American oil and gas companies. The American Business Council was set up as an affiliate of the American Chamber in Washington DC. There are some 50,000 American citizens in Dubai, a significant community. Of the 3,000 American companies here, the American Business Council represents around 500 American companies in Dubai. These often run Asian operations, and some run everything in the eastern hemisphere from here. The reason for this is the high quality of life, though the logistics and the transport sector is a huge factor as well. There is also the commercial factor in terms of the ease of doing and setting up business. The UAE's long-term plan is to build an innovative and knowledge-based economy, and the transfer of American know-how is an important factor in this endeavor. In the current climate, we are focusing on a new objective: UAE investment into the US.

Bindu Chettur

President, Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC)

BPC Dubai was formed in 2003 and is the largest organization of Indian businesses and professionals in the UAE. Although we are based in Dubai, we have members from all seven Emirates. Our primary duty is representing the 2.6 million Indians in the Emirates, the largest expatriate community in the UAE. IBPC acts as a bridge between our members and various government agencies and other actors. We also act as a catalyst in this part of the region to achieve the best benefits for Indian businesses and professionals. India is the UAE's biggest trade partner, and, reciprocally, the UAE is India's third-largest trade partner. Vision 2020's goal is to reach USD100 billion in trade between the two countries, which will be an increase of 33% compared to today. To this end, several high-level trade visits by India's leaders have increased the trade relationship between the two countries. This relationship has not only grown at the leadership and government level, but between the people as well.

John Martin St. Valery

Chairman, British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates (BBG)

The British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates is proud to celebrate 30 years since its establishment. We were originally set up by a handful of business leaders from the UK who were either involved in their own businesses or had come to Dubai to represent British business in the Gulf. As one of the oldest business councils in the UAE, its purpose is to foster trade between British businesses, as well as the bilateral trade relationship between the UK and Dubai and the Northern Emirates. We are a not-for-profit membership group run by our own members on a voluntary basis. The BBG helps its members to build a network of relationships that establish or advance their business in Dubai, such as lawyers, accountants, local service partners, government connections, and potential clients. This is in line with the UK government's aim to bolster and increase the trade relationship between the UK and the UAE.