Whether it is residential, retail, or business, Mexico has a healthy and growing sector providing ideal support for architecture firms.

Gonzalo Montaño Estrada

Director, MAC Arquitectos Consultores

We have been in the business for 68 years, and are part of the economic and social growth of this country. If you analyze the infrastructure and the economy, after expansion the next step is innovation and that is what we sell: planning with imagination and innovation, new ideas of planning. My father started the company in 1948 when he was 22 years old; he was an architect who oriented his business toward industry and residential housing. I entered the company in 1980 and took over the role of Director after my father died. That is when I started our planning division, which was basic manner but we developed a methodology that has been well received and helped us grow in that direction. I had to hire people at the architecture firm who were more orientated toward planning, feasibility studies, and the like.

Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas

Chairman of the Board, Grupo Sordo Madaleno

There is still space to grow in some areas, but this depends on a number of factors. One important element is that the purchasing power in Mexico continues to grow; therefore, demand remains at a healthy level. There is still space to expand in Mexico's retail market, but it has to be done well. There are currently 14 projects planned for the south of the city, and likely only three of them will be completed. They will probably affect existing shopping centers, for they are older and will impact the retail sector in that part of the city, yet the opportunity to grow is still there if developers are able to create a unique design with diverse offerings. Another way of making companies successful is by bringing brands into Mexico in order to diversify the market and fill unattended gaps.

Juan Ignacio Rodríguez

Director, MAC Arquitectos Consultores

When I joined the firm in the planning division 15 years ago, we were doing about 10 to 12 market feasibility analyses per year; now, we do about 60. We specialize in this area since the market demands it more through banks, real estate, and the professionalization of the industry. Before 1995, most of the shopping centers and office buildings were built through private equities, family and friends, or major corporations and developers. After 1995, many investment funds came to Mexico, such as GE Capital and Prudential. All of this money came to Mexico and demanded more professional methods to analyze and develop projects; therefore, we grew with that market. As the city grew, the market became more complicated, land became less available, and the competition grew larger.