AMA Energy Service has made a name for itself and achieved resounding success by following strict strategic, administrative, and technical policies.

Giomara López

Giomara López is the General Manager of AMA Energy Service, a company she has been working for 11 years. She has more than 20 years of experience working in the oil sector. She developed an interest in the oil sector because of her family, the majority of whom worked in the oil industry.

What is your assessment of the main projects being developed by AMA Energy Service?

The projects in which we have participated have significantly contributed to Ecuador's oil sector, which is the country's main revenue source. We have achieved significant success by following strict strategic, administrative, and technical policies. This allows us to meet the targets underlined in our programs, all of which require the highest level of efficiency. Innovation, technology, and our workforce's experience and technical capabilities are other important factors that have contributed to our success.

How has the company managed to bring comprehensive solutions and become an EPC company?

The company's objectives are clear and always aligned with transparent policies and high-level principles. The firm's evolution over time has allowed it to become a leading company in engineering, procurement, and oil facilities construction, offering the best infrastructure solutions to the market. Through this strategy, we have developed an excellent corporate image and have consolidated the company as a highly competitive and socially responsible firm.

To what degree has the company participated in the construction of environmentally friendly infrastructure projects?

At AMA, we understand that the development of high-quality infrastructure in line with international standards and certifications is one of the most positive steps that a developing country can take to achieve growth. By building infrastructure that complies with international standards, we can ensure that the products and services generated meet all the technical requirements. Our company's motto is "protecting the environment is everybody's duty," so adopting a green approach is one of the best strategies we can use to minimize our impact on the environment. As a company, we adopt the environmental policies of our clients and assure our commitment to the environment in which we operate.

What business opportunities do you identify as Ecuador plans to boost oil production?

The government is aiming to increase oil production to 600,000bpd. Once Ecuador leaves OPEC, work on pipelines, storage facilities, and refining facilities will start. This will open a plethora of opportunities for companies providing oil services. These opportunities will allow us to show our technical capacity in the development of oil infrastructure, which in turn will translate into experience and business growth.

What will be the priorities of the company for 2020?

In 2020, oil companies will face strategic challenges related to an environment of profound transformation. We are going through a period of transition; therefore, we should work on efficiency and boost the quality of our work in order to generate better results as a company.