TBY talks to John Brash, Founder & CEO of Brash, on the Dubai based companies along with his own brand.

How does your company benefit from being associated with the Dubai brand?

There has been a massive change in perceptions in terms of what Dubai seeks to do. Dubai-based companies currently hold the same prestige as companies from New York or London. There is a reputation that Dubai delivers great companies that are willing to see things through. One of Brash's strengths is our destination work. Dubai is the best example of placemaking and destination creating,from a story perspective. Our experience and accomplishments in Dubai show that we understand our business. Our clients are high-end individuals and global citizens. They have assets and interests all over the world. We understand them, wherever they are from. We also understand how they think and the level they want to operate on. Companies from Dubai simply do not panic. We are used to changeability, speed, and acuity. First, we are brave. Being brave means being ahead of the game with innovation, expecting that even though some clients are not yet ready, they will be. The second is being sharp. Being sharp is about having many bright people who can sit down with clients and solve things quickly. It is about knowing what is going on around the world and the sector. We do not have time to be slow here because Dubai is always on the move. For example, we do a great deal of work with Dubai National Air Transport Association (dnata), the world's fourth-largest air services group. It said it did not want to be the largest, but the most admired. To be the most admired, a company needs to be the best. The interesting part was that when we started working with it five years ago, we noted Dubai could be one of the first and only places in the world that was built through air travel; nearly every person and thing in the country arrived by air. That means that the entire linkage of Emirates, Dubai Airport, and dnata is extremely critical, as is Jebel Ali and the ports. It enables the flow of business and trade around the world.