TBY talks to Abhishek Ajay Shah, Co-Founder & Group CEO, RSA Global on the solar rooftop project.

Abhishek Ajay Shah

What have been the main accomplishments and milestones for RSA Global over the past year?

We have further diversified our portfolio in logistics by taking a more holistic approach to the supply chain sector. Until early 2017, we were focused primarily on FMCG, spare parts, finished vehicles, and petrochemicals, but we have diversified into the road transport element and opened a specialty vertical in the food and beverage space. In addition, we have been focused on launching a unique project for military defense and humanitarian operations. Another important change has been our rebranding as RSA Global, with a portfolio of companies under the group.

Can you tell us about the solar rooftop project you launched recently?

We have tried to implement solar technology in the past, but we are just now getting to the point where it makes fiscal sense. With the completion of our 1.1-MW facility, we became one of the first logistics facilities in the country to adopt solar technology. By YE2018, we are aiming to produce 5MW of solar energy across our network. Our customers appreciate these initiatives, so employing the use of solar technology is a win-win on all ends.