Dubai 2018 | MARITIME | COLUMN

TBY talks to Keramat Shahrokhi, Managing Director, Dark Blue Shipping on expansion of the company.

Keramat ShaHrokhi

How does your experience in Oman shape your expansion plans in Dubai?

Oman is lagging 25 years behind the UAE market; however, it is a great base from where we can build excellent relationships with other countries. Oman will change significantly over the next five years. It has many projects in the pipeline with investors from Italy, Germany, and China. Dubai is a tough market with which to compare because it has always stood out as one of the largest. Oman is under one leadership; however, in the UAE there are seven leaders, and they work well together to rapidly grow the UAE's multi-commodity, multi-cultural economy.

How strong is your regional presence in the Gulf?

There were around 500 logistics companies when we started compared to 5,789 today. There are 13 companies in our group, and they all operate in Dubai. Our main company is Ocean Brand, and it trades in heavy equipment in around 80 countries. Dark Blue Shipping was established as a logistics company that is open to all, not just our sister companies. We have offices in the UK, Montenegro, and China, and we plan to open an office in Germany as well.