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TBY talks to Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim, Group CEO of Paris Gallery Group on e-commerce plan.

Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim

How has the business changed in your time as CEO?

The changes that we experienced were huge and they get faster every day. Twenty years ago, customers were looking for new things to explore and experience, but those experiences were only in retail, so retailers needed to present the services and products that they had. Things have changed such that today customers lead, and retailers, service providers, and product providers are trying to catch up. Customers are becoming entrepreneurs and forming initiatives to do business with their creative concepts. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge for retailers.

What is your plan to develop e-commerce?

We have a business plan on track as we continue to open stores in more remote locations and cities. E-commerce is an important part of our business as it is becoming a part of everyone's lives and more people are going online every day. It is becoming a necessity now because often there is something that we want that is not available in the store, may not have been introduced in this region, or the size or color of a product is not available.