Dubai 2018 | HEALTH | COLUMN

TBY talks to Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Chairman of International Modern Hospital on Dubai's health sector.

Dr. Hafeez Rahman

How do you assess the state of Dubai's health sector?

Dubai is in need of highly skilled doctors. Robotics does not play such a great role. We do not want to increase the cost of healthcare more in Dubai, which is why we have to be careful. Dubai needs highly skilled doctors rather than just general practitioners. We require highly specialized medical centers, rather than more clinics or general hospitals. Medical education in Dubai must develop significantly. This is a small country, and if we do not have the right education centers, doctors cannot gain skills here. This is a key concern to address if we want to spur this industry in the UAE.

What are Dubai's strengths as a medical tourism destination?

Dubai's biggest advantage is the high level of standardization of its hospitals. Patients' beliefs that if they come to Dubai they will be in safe hands is invaluable. Moreover, Dubai's hospitals perform surgeries and treatments that the rest of the world does not offer. This is the only path to develop medical tourism. If someone comes to Dubai from Asia or Europe, it is because they require treatment that does not exist in their countries.