TBY talks to Nicholas Maclean, CEO of CBRE on the real estate market develop in 2018.

Nicholas Maclean

What types of services does CBRE offer to foreign investors?

We find assets and provide valuation services, financing options, and more. We have a complete due diligence program for potential inbound investors. We also provide these services to individuals selling assets within the local marketplace. We take care of all the real estate components of a given transaction for local and international investors. We actively assist property owners with diversification programs, which may result in both disposals and further acquisitions.

How will the real estate market develop in 2018?

We anticipate strong growth in the coming year. We see companies creating new business here, because they view Dubai as a great place for starting their GCC-wide operations. Conversations with large corporates from the US and Europe suggest that a significant number of companies that already operate in the GCC outside of the UAE may contemplate relocating their headquarters to Dubai. A major contributor to this thinking is the quality and availability of commercial real estate.