TBY talks to, Stephane le Gentil, CEO, Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), on the green economy sector.

Stephane le Gentil

What can you tell us about CEBC?

CEBC is a non-profit organization sustained only by its members. Our objective is to remove barriers to clean energy in general. There has been a great deal of focus in recent years on solar energy; however, we are now diversifying into other sectors as well, such as electric vehicles and energy efficiency. We aim to cover the entire scope of clean energy and to help all the regional economies make progress and grow in this industry. We seek members who can add something and bring new qualities to help CEBC execute and accomplish its mandate.

What are the major obstacles to financing green energy in the region?

There is indeed a financing gap in the market. There has been no trouble in securing financing for large projects. However, there is a large gap for medium- and smaller-scale projects, which is why we see initiatives such as crowd funding. These help companies grow, though they are not as useful for financing individual projects. There is a gap there, particularly for small projects such as rooftop solar projects or other energy-efficiency projects.