TBY talks to Waqas Mirza, Managing Director (MENA) of Avanza Innovations, on the role of the company in financial sector.

Waqas Mirza

What is the vision behind Avanza Innovations?

Avanza has been involved in creating and implementing technology for the government and financial sector. We started to invest in nascent technologies, developing assets and creating an adequate talent pool. In 2017, we had major successes, most notably a citywide Reconciliation and Settlement of Government Payments blockchain project for Smart Dubai Government. We are now being recommended to many business and government entities. Avanza is now seen as a credible blockchain implementation partner.

What will be your role within the health infrastructure of Dubai?

We worked together with a panel of doctors that saw major gaps in the coordination between different health providers in the city. We worked on algorithms that involve a great deal of AI based on where paramedics can be directed. Another important reason for this project is to give DHA eyes and ears on what is happening in the city regarding medical emergencies. If patients are flocking to one hospital and it runs out of space, equipment, or vaccines, an incoming patient needs to be clear where to go. This is one of the key objectives of this project.