TBY talks to J. Antonio Antoli, Managing Director, WIRED Corporation & Design plus Art, on the sector.

J. Antonio Antoli

How does WIRED Corporation help businessmen from the region invest abroad?

WIRED Corporation was created in 2015 as a new venture stemming from our design company, DESIGN plus ART, which has been in this market for eight years. WIRED was born from the requests of our clients in the region to diversify their portfolio in real estate and to invest in foreign markets. Since we are European, we had the potential to help some clients from MENA to connect to Europe, and soon after we had a lot of requests to grow in North America and Asia. WIRED Corporation is a company that brings expertise into real estate from the architectural design side to help clients make a decision, making 100% sure that they are being taken care of. We offer our clients advisory services and act as their representatives overseas. We can assist with anything from A-Z, including market research, design, project management, asset management, and even deliver a turnkey project. It is the client who decides in which areas we participate and assist them. Our main role is to support the client to achieve the most from their investment.