As a hub for business and tourism, the Dubai rental car market thrives as locals and foreigners alike look for the best solutions to get about.

Karunesh Arya
General Manager
Thrifty Car Rental
Aswini Borkotoky
Managing Director & Owner

What is the Thrifty Lounge, and how does it align with Dubai's Smart City program?

Karunesh Arya Thrifty Lounge is another step toward providing a car rental experience at a different level. Traditionally, customers deal with the sales agents standing across the counter, make a decision, and complete paperwork, which takes about 20-30 minutes. We realized that many customers in Dubai like to deliberate on all the options and also involve their family in the process. We realized there was a demand to create an environment where families could come over and make their car renting decision in comfortable, family-friendly surroundings. This is how the Thrifty Lounge came to be. At Thrifty Lounge, customers are provided with lounge-like comfort while choosing their rental car. The lounges include free Wi-Fi, digital screens, and coffee to engage the entire family and make them comfortable. We have started with the first Lounge at Burjuman Mall and will add three more by the end of 2017. We are also adding digital catalogs and our systems are geared to ensure faster transaction time for our customers.

How can corporate customers benefit from leasing a car?

Aswini Borkotoky There are significant benefits to leasing from a business point of view, which explains why so many local and multinational firms take the leasing path for vehicle acquisition. The core benefits include the fact that corporate lease customers receive favorable contract terms, and we can analyze their requirements and tailor agreements to their specific needs. Depending on the scale of their business, we can price accordingly. We look at providing fleet management solutions, which include registration, maintenance, servicing, replacement vehicles, and toll administration. This removes the need for a company to maintain an in-house transportation department and allows clients to focus on their core business. Businesses also do not have to deal with asset depreciation for the life of an owned vehicle, or the net loss when they sell it on. This is a stress we take off their balance sheet.

What potential for growth do you see in the B2B part of your business for the next two to three years?

KA We see a significant opportunity in the B2B space, especially with upcoming projects for Expo 2020. We intend to strengthen our corporate leasing portfolio and add staff transportation as an additional service line. We are investing heavily in our fleet and technology to ensure we continue to offer the world's best renting and leasing experience to our customers. We have developed our propriety customer-to-cash system and are adding a customer portal to enable our corporate customers to have their fleet-related information available at the click of a button.

How would you assess demand in the market and what are your expansion plans?

AB We are extremely confident in the appetite for the car lease sector due to population and tourism growth. Consequently, we expect that demand to keep growing. We have driven ourselves to become the most customer-friendly rental company in the UAE, and we strive to make each customers' journey seamless. We believe that once customers receive an exceptional level of service, they will become accustomed to the quality that we can deliver. Our future plans for expansion will always be dictated by our customers' requirements, be it advancements in the way that we balance technology with human interaction, or setting up new branches in locations to meet demand.