Dominican Republic 2017 | TELECOMS & IT | INTERVIEW

TBY talks to Persio Maldonado Sánchez, Chief Editor of El Nuevo Diario, on working on the country's communications strategy, economic stability, and opportunities for foreign investors.

Persio Maldonado Sánchez
Persio Maldonado Sánchez was born on April 26, 1952 in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. He studied political science at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) and law at the Universidad Interamericana. He co-founded the El Nuevo Diario, S. A. publishing company, and El Nuevo Diario newspaper in 1981.

What are some important stories in the Dominican Republic not being covered by the international media?

I believe the controversial relationship with Haiti is not appropriately covered and understood by the media or international organizations. Also, the Dominican Republic has not been active in its communication strategy to gain a better position abroad. We still need to work more clearly on the country's tourism image and as an attractive scenario for investments in many sectors of the economy.

What are some of the main reasons the Dominican Republic is attracting greater foreign investment than other countries in the Caribbean?

The country has the economic stability that is crucial for investment. We can say the same about Dominican democracy, which has been able to celebrate its internal processes in order.

What are some of the challenges the economy needs to address?

We must work on the creation of new sources of wealth in the tourism, industry, and technology sectors. Education is vital to our economic and social development as well, so it is necessary to work with citizen security and social equity. I also consider it appropriate to correct the fiscal deficit and the issue of public debt.

What are some other sectors in the Dominican Republic's economy with opportunities for foreign investors that might be overlooked?

Agriculture has great potential, but we have to rethink it. Energy and mining have many possibilities to improve in the areas of exploration and exploitation.

What is your outlook for 2017?

The country's outlook for 2017 is good. However, we must deal with the damage caused by the floods of November, which will force the government to reorient large resources from its budget in order to deal with emergencies in infrastructure and social assistance.