Costa Rica 2018 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Franco Pacheco, President, UCCAEP, on the sector.

Franco Pacheco

What role does UCCAEP play in the development of the country?

In Costa Rica, there are 51 chambers and associations that are affiliated with us. UCCAEP represents approximately 15,000 private companies. 86% of employment generated in Costa Rica is represented at UCCAEP. UCCAEP seeks to deal with matters of national interest. While it is true each of the chambers represent and watch over sectoral issues, UCCAEP watches over the matters that have national impact. When there are conflicts or different opinions between sectors, we seek to mediate between them.

How can alliances between the productive sector and academia benefit the country?

In all of our surveys about the national productive sector, the supply of educated personnel is not tied to the needs of the industry and the productive sector. In this sense, we are conducting important efforts at the National Learning Institute (INA), where we are members of the board. We have also started to create an integral plan with the support of the International Labor Organization to restructure INA. The world is evolving rapidly and the education system should evolve rapidly as well. We need institutions such as INA to have the skills to move rapidly enough based on the requirements of the industry.