Costa Rica 2018 | GREEN ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks Silvia Chaves, Vice President, Florex, on the sector.

Silvia Chaves

How has Florex implemented sustainability at its production site?

Our first decision was to include environmental criteria in the design and operation of our first production plant, for instance by orienting the production plant with respect to the sun and wind to increase its eco-efficiency. We also worked on supply chain analyses to get green suppliers. We do not use electrical pumps, or at least try to avoid it; we leverage gravity as a power solution. All these criteria meant innovation for us in the industrial sector in Costa Rica. We also include solar panels in our manufacturing plant.

What has been your strategy to continue to innovate and offer a range of environmentally friendly products?

In this world of rapid change and innovation, we observe, analyze, and act. Ours is a process of continuous improvement, and we are always generating spaces for people to participate. Our innovation lies within three major areas: health and environmental, social, and infrastructure. Another strategy to continue innovating has been setting up partnerships and alliances with other companies, world-class global firms, and local universities. Our third strategy has to do with raising our level and standards, which we have achieved by getting an ISO certification.