Costa Rica 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | REVIEW

TBY talks to Victor Ramirez, CEO, Electronet, on the sector.

How have Electronet's products evolved?

We started with headsets for call centers, and when customers got to know us, they started to request new product lines, so we ventured into business phones from different brands. Eventually though, we decided to offer ancillary products that the client may need to complete their workflow. We provide products for executives in the medical, logistics, and industrial sectors as well as banks, telecommunications, and insurance companies. What customers like about our service is that we provide them with expert recommendations and thorough solutions

What is the importance of finding new technologies for the products you offer?

Collaboration is everything. People always need to talk, send emails, or text to get things done; at the end of the day, communication is key. Innovation is all about providing people with the technology to do things faster, better, and in a simpler way, and in our segment, this means the ever expanding possibilities offered by unified communications. We like to provide our clients with the leading edge.

What are your goals for the year ahead?

Our primary goal is to extend our presence in the region through new and existing partnerships.

Victor Ramirez
CEO, Electronet