TBY talks to Ornes Calvo, Country Manager, Asofarma, on the sector.

Ornes Calvo

What is the importance of Costa Rica for Asofarma's regional operations?

Asofarma has been a successful model in Costa Rica, with nine years in the local market. We are the 14th pharmaceutical laboratory in Costa Rica in terms of market share, which is a significant milestone since this is a small laboratory. Our headquarters are in Argentina and the company has operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. We launched in Costa Rica in 2008 and Panama in 2010. Any pharmaceutical company that enters the regional market expects the Costa Rican market to become its first or second market in the region.

What have been Asofarma's achievements in terms of innovation?

The owner acquired licenses from European and American laboratories by means of partnerships. These licenses, while they are in force, allow us to market innovative products and brands in the area of oncology to the entire Latin American market. There are important laboratories, for example Celgene from Switzerland, Astellas from Japan, and Amgen from the US, that produce many biotechnology products. The trademarks we commercialize from those labs in Latin America are licensed to us.