TBY talks to Carlos Robles, General Manager, Newmark Grubb, on the sector.

Carlos Robles

What is different about Central America as a market?

Central American countries have different laws, but are not necessarily the best in terms of practices, taxes, ethics, and license processes. Technology also lags in terms of analysis systems and other software compared to North America and Europe. In Central America, we have to work with different tools and technologies; therefore, we have to adjust and learn to use those. Part of our success, however, has been providing world-class international services with the best tools available in the region. We also know the local customs and how to get things done.

What differentiates Newmark from the competition?

Providing world-class international tools and methods and renowned world brand to a local setting. It is about who we are in each country and market, which is important in terms of how we establish and get the appropriate methodologies and apply them to a local setting for a local and distinct market. We do not have the US' technologies, but we have been investing in different market research tools and software to suit the market's needs; we bring the best possible technologies to the market and have a lot of information at our disposal.