Costa Rica 2018 | AGRICULTURE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Giancarlo Bombardelli C. , General Manager, Café Volio, on the sector.

Giancarlo Bombardelli C.

Can you tell us about your evolution?

Café Volio was founded in a small place in San José Central Market. We started with local distribution from this facility with small cars. Now, we are covering the whole country with trucks. We achieved distribution throughout the entire country 10 years ago. We also automated all of the coffee processes since acquiring the company, since in the early years it was mainly hand labor. Nowadays, workers are needed only to box the bags. About three years ago, we acquired a roasting machine. It was the first of its kind in Latin America, and the most advanced coffee machine in Costa Rica.

How have you achieved a leading position in the market?

This is mainly because we have been able to maintain our quality year round. There is no doubt that we can have an excellent distribution system, nice packaging, and adept salespeople. However, if you do not have the quality of coffee, customers will not use your product. About four years ago, there was a hike in coffee prices. Therefore, many roasters brought in coffee from Nicaragua, Peru, and Honduras to lower their price-quality ratio. Now they are paying the price.