Colombia 2018 | GREEN ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Sonia Constanza Mendez C., General Manager, Greenpack, on the sector.

Sonia Constanza Mendez C.

What have been the company's main developments since its establishment?

When I started Greenpack, it was tough because there were not enough raw materials available for the industry and we were not able to produce plastic based on cellulose pulp. Shortly after starting the business, I began to work with biopolymers and purchased new machines from Brazil to make new products like window bags. I discovered polylactic acid and brought it to Colombia to produce bags. All the products that I brought to Colombia were innovative; consequently, I started to receive more support from the industry and began to export small amounts of sugarcane bagasse as well.

What are your goals and priorities for 2018?

There are several proposals to industrialize that could make Greenpack bigger, allowing us to continue to improve our products and add new biodegradable materials that are not in the market yet. We have a possible new partner from Mexico that invented a new formula of biodegradable plastic, and we will be meeting soon to determine if the formula is suitable for Greenpack. We will strive to develop more products and continue working with our philosophy of developing green products for the market.