TBY talks to Pamela Saveedra, General Director Andean Hub, Beckton Dickinson, on the sector.

Pamela Saveedra

What has the company achieved since starting operations in Colombia?

Our first major achievement is celebrating 30 years working for the health of Colombians. We have expanded our portfolio of solutions for patients and launched the best technology for early diagnosis in diseases such as cervical cancer, tuberculosis, and leukemia, as well as devices to provide safer vascular therapy and increase the process efficiency in laboratories. Our growth has taken place step by step. We have succeeded in creating what we call “BD Pride," which is to have a high-quality product that ensures that patients' health improves while reducing the probability of error for medical professionals. Around 2,000 women die from cervical cancer each year in Colombia because they have not been diagnosed with HPV, so this is a major area we are focusing on.

How has your market share improved with BARD?

With this new expanded portfolio we are able to provide the best value for our patients and healthcare. BARD has been operating in Colombia for four years, and its products are highly specialized and complementary to our solutions. In the diabetes, vascular therapy, and oncology segments, we are integrating portfolios with these specialized services to provide Colombian patients with better healthcare solutions.