Colombia 2018 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Leddy Evangelista, Managing Director, Oiltanking, on the sector.

Leddy Evangelista

How has the company evolved in Colombia, and what are your main activities here?

Oiltanking established operations in Colombia nine years ago. We purchased a chemical terminal originally owned by Dow and upgraded some of the facilities, increasing capacity before extending our services to petroleum products five years ago. Later in 2015, we started the Operation of Puerto Bahia, a terminal owned by Pacific Infrastructure.

What is the importance of Colombia in Oiltanking's operations worldwide?

We are the smallest terminal in the region. When we acquired the terminal, we hoped to develop capacity. However, now we need to improve our jetty conditions because having greater storage capacity does not make any sense if clients cannot bring in more products in larger vessels. We have been trying to get a permit to improve the jetty for three years but the bureaucratic procedures are becoming frustrating; nonetheless, we are fully committed and hope to start construction in 2018.

Colombia's average net oil production grew by 43% in 3Q2017 YoY. Is the oil sector growing here?

Oil production has been stable over the past year, which is why the challenge for everyone in the sector is to be agile and efficient, and we are trying to do the same. Over the last two years, we have been working on an innovation plan to ensure that we have operational excellence. This initiative originated in Colombia and from 2018 it will be global.

What are Oiltanking's main priorities and goals in Colombia for 2018?

Our priority is to make the required improvements to our facilities in Cartagena to increase the volumes we can accommodate. This will make our facility more attractive for clients and more profitable for us.