Colombia 2018 | TRANSPORT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Rafael Florez BARAYAS, Corporate Director, Logyca, on the sector.

Rafael Florez BARAYAS

Can you tell us about the developments and achievements of Logyca?

Logyca is a group with three main divisions. We have an association focused on collaboration projects, a foundation completely dedicated to research in logistics and value networks, and Logyca Services, created five years ago. We use Logyca Services to offer our services to the market in Colombia and outside. Logyca is currently present in nine Latin American countries: Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, and Chile in addition to Colombia. In most of those countries, Logyca has local branches through Logyca Services.

What is the importance of the Colombian market compared to your regional operations?

Our main market continues to be Colombia, though in five years, we expect the operation outside Colombia to be larger as we are starting to see many activities in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile. However, our focus on all markets is the same, and the main value offered by Logyca is collaboration and putting the different companies together in order to work together. Our responsibility is to create scenarios and promote ideas, though the companies are the ones that decide to collaborate.