TBY talks to Gonzalo Gómez-Betancourt, Dean, Legacy School of Ownership (LSO), on the sector.

Gonzalo Gómez-Betancourt

What is the background of LSO?

LSO started with an idea created by a group of friends, mainly professors, to tackle the lack of education regarding ownership in Colombia, Latin America, and the world in general. The majority of business schools focus on managerial education while neglecting education about ownership. The art of ownership can only be learnt through studying law, corporate governance, finance and control, taxes, family business, corporate social responsibility, conscious leadership, and business ethics. LSO caters to those owners who aim to build a legacy for their company and pass it on to the next generation. There is a misunderstanding that a member of the board of directors should be a specialist in finance or marketing, but what is actually required is a director who understands the whole company.

What makes the school stand out from the competition?

We have a totally different approach for nurturing an entrepreneurial culture. Our methodology is based on two pillars: knowledge and willpower. While passing on knowledge to our students, we also focus on instilling the will to act as a good owner whilst spreading ideas throughout the organization.