TBY talks to Luis Felipe Gallo, Co-Founder, Gallo Londono, on the sector.

Luis Felipe Gallo

What is your strategy to become a leader in the sector nationwide?

Typically, if we see an opportunity in another city, we open a new line of business. For example, in Cali we will acquire a new piece of land that we want to start developing in about a year. In Cartagena, we are completing a 30-story building in front of the sea, a high-end project. We also have two projects in cities near Bogotá, one of them in Villeta, where we have 50 apartments that we are completing now. Santa Marta is a new location for us as well. Our strategy is typically to diversify and find opportunities in different places.

Why should an investor choose one of your projects?

Different offices feature different architectural aspects. We focus on excellent projects with high quality. The financials of projects are excellent, so it is a matter of confidence. We are not seeking investors in the market as we have five or six people that know us for many years, and we lead this investor group. The real estate market has been slowing down; however, at the same time there are huge infrastructure projects being planned.