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TBY talks to Ricardo Wills Salas, General Manager, Cumbria Holdings, on the sector.

Ricardo Wills Salas

How was Cumbria Holdings formed and how has it evolved?

This is a family-owned business that goes back three generations. Our main business has been the operators and owners of large areas of land, which is primarily used for cattle and farming. We were fortunate that, in the 1990s, Bogotá was growing rapidly, and our farms were close to the small towns that now make up the metropolitan area of Bogotá. The capital continued to grow, and our farmlands suddenly became part of the city. We had to start developing, which is how we entered the construction industry. Though we had a strong construction division, we also established a real estate division in 2002 before starting a 3PL logistics operator with a focus on warehousing, national transportation, and local distribution. That company is called Vigía Plus, and it has partnered with a large transportation company called Transportes Mejía since 2009.

Does the company have plans for international expansion?

We would like to expand internationally, but the situation in Colombia currently calls for us to maintain a focus here. We have six different companies with six figures in six different sectors to take care of; opening in a new country now would be tough. However, we are willing to look into expansion if we have a local partner. We are making plans to enter Mexico and Peru with Leasify.