Colombia 2018 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Marcelo Leon, President, Disan Group, on the sector.

Marcelo Leon

What has been some recent developments?

We acquired a distributor of chemical specialties for the food industry in Mexico and recently closed an investment with an Argentinian distributor of chemical specialties for the personal care industry. For the near future, we expect to consolidate our operations in the countries we are currently operating in: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and, more recently, Argentina.

How are you committed to creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly sector?

We are promoting more environmentally friendly products, which is a major trend now. We are a quality-oriented company and hence extremely careful of the way we store and handle our products. Whenever necessary, we incinerate expired materials and also instruct our clients on how to handle our products safely.

What are the benefits and challenges of doing business in Colombia?

Human resources are a major plus for Colombia; Colombians in general are work-oriented people with a good level of education. In terms of challenges, Colombia imposes high taxes and extreme regulations; that must change because it is a huge drain of time, resources, and funds.