Colombia 2018 | GREEN ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Alejandro Lucio Chaustre, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Association Colombia (Ser Colombia), on the sector.

Alejandro Lucio Chaustre

What steps is Ser Colombia taking to promote further investment in renewables?

Our work is divided into large- and small-scale projects; both require different regulations and public policies. In 2Q2018, after years of discussion and promotion, the final regulation was issued by the regulatory commission for small sub- and distributor-generation projects. The situation is still more difficult for larger scale projects, though things have moved quicker than expected. The Minister of Mines has issued a decree, and the government is expected to define its long-term public policy for renewable power generation.

What initiatives has Ser Colombia planned for the next year and the medium term?

When talking about infrastructure projects there are many challenges in Colombia. Our first goal was to position renewable technologies as competitive and complementary and to promote the concept of auctions for long-term contracts. There is also limited transmission and distribution infrastructure in place for connecting these projects to the grid, and we have to push for this to be built. Another difficult issue is local government and community involvement and social issues relating to renewable projects. Ser Colombia is determined to fix these issues and strengthen the presence of renewables in Colombia.