Colombia 2018 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Fernando Asenjo General Manager, Petroelectrica de los Llanos, on the sector.

Fernando Asenjo

What is your commitment toward improving energy demand in the areas with less penetration?

It is a cost issue, because we can transport a large amount of energy; however, it is not feasible if we want to just supply a small town with 1,000 families or less. Therefore, we need the social development and city development. On a small scale, we collaborate with groups supplying small solar coolers and illumination systems. Moreover, there is a new ethanol industrial plant and industry associated with agriculture; it is a natural economic activity for this area.

What are your main goals and targets for 2018?

We want to complete small capital investments in order to operate at maximum capacity. Currently, we are only transmitting 120MW out of our 300-MW capacity. We want to participate in other areas, such as Atlantic coast, where different problems are affecting the supply of electricity to a large population.

What are the benefits of doing business in Colombia?

Columbia is beneficial in terms of its vast area and large population. Second, it is one of the two oil producers in Latin America that has the opportunity to export oil via two oceans.