TBY talks to José Alfredo Hernández RoaCEO, Grupo Suma-Sach´a, on the sector.

José Alfredo Hernández Roa

What makes Grupo Suma-Sacha'a's model unique?

We base our business ecosystem on an inclusive agro-industrial platform, which means that farmers own the companies. We work with the biodiversity of Colombia to sustainably produce resources and develop agricultural communities. The base of our business ecosystem is the Independent Agroindustry Business Units (UEAI). While 50% of the company belongs to solidarity capital of the cooperatives, 25% belongs to their leaders, 13% to the business group, and 12% to an incubator. The companies that integrate the group are Biorefinería, which is a partner of our allies and mainly has to brainstorm how to improve and grow our group; Cooperativa SachaColombia, which groups all cooperatives that own 50% of the company; SachaFormadores, whose role is to instruct, coach, and inform all the farmers that are members of UEAI; and Inovasemillas, another company whose role is to develop seeds through phytosanitary improvement and genetic selection. Our agroindustry depends on non-vernacular seeds of the country, which drives us to research and develop certified seeds to improve their genetic quality.