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TBY talks to Maritza Garzón Vargas , CEO, Emtelco, on the sector.

Maritza Garzón Vargas

What have been Emtelco's biggest achievements?

We have been in the market for more than 14 years. We are about 13,000 employees and have become one of the top three largest business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in Colombia. We work the entire cycle from sales, customer service, and information to scheduled visits, installations, and solving technical problems. We are one of the most qualified suppliers for the government in Medellín and are one of the top companies with the best contracts for the supply of services. Our headquarters are in Medellín, though we also have a presence in over 12 offices around the country.

What sets Emtelco apart from its competitors in the sector?

Every single day, we work on customer service and customer experience base on the digital lifestyle. Our goal is to achieve a remarkable experience with our customers. Through the variety of channels that we have, we co-create the brand and work on the experience design transforming everything into a reality. From the results, we have gained a strong position in the market. Thus far, our last service is to work on consulting to improve our customer experience as well as the service experience.