Colombia 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Rodrigo Amaris, General Manager, Fullcarga, on the sector.

Rodrigo Amaris

How has Fullcarga impacted the sector?

In Colombia, the penetration of electronic payments is currently low. The government is not helping either. Taxes are bad for customers and us. Fullcarga wants to help the sector with its technologies. Cash is king in Colombia and Latin American countries. Fullcarga has helped by having 20,000 merchants throughout the country. We can reach many of the small cities and towns in Colombia, not only Bogotá and Medellín. Our current capacity in the country is large.

How do your partnerships and alliances work?

When we go to any bank, for example AV Villas, we are banking correspondents. People can pay for services and make deposits to bank branches. It is possible to conduct any transaction with our services that clients would at a bank branch office. We do this with telecommunications. Claro is a major partner of ours. We have 12 million transactions per month in prepaid solutions of Claro, which is a significant part of our portfolio of products.