TBY talks to Hugo Armando Gomez President, Vecol on the sector.

Hugo Armando Gomez

How would you summarize your portfolio of biological products?

Our vaccines have a great impact at the national level. Vecol has set up a project to identify the entire epidemiological map of the country, which did not exist before. We analyze each of the sectors: livestock and milk, meat, sheep, goats, equines, porcine, and soon poultry to identify the true pathologies that exist in the country. From there, we will create new products. Our most important vaccines are foot-and-mouth disease, rabies, and stomatitis vaccine, among others. We also want to continue working in the reproductive sector, not only with vaccines but also with hormones to perform fixed-time inseminations and embryo transfers to create genetic improvements in Colombian livestock.

How was 2017 for the company?

We have consolidated to supply the fertilizers required by rural producers in Colombia. We import fertilizer products from Russia and distribute them at competitive prices. This has helped us support sectors such as rice, paper, and fruit growers with low costs. We are a private company, though the government owns 82%. This mixed nature also allows us to produce the pharmaceuticals and vaccines required to eradicate certain pathologies.