Colombia 2018 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Jaime Blandón, General Manager, IEB, on the sector.

Jaime Blandón

How do you evaluate the evolution of your company over its 28 years?

Colombia is a country that has been growing in terms of engineering. In line with this trend and vision, we aim to create a company to supply high-quality engineers and specialized consulting and engineering services. We aim to execute works that traditionally were contracted to foreign companies since there was no local supply for executing such sophisticated works. Upon entering different segments of the energy sector, we realized that we have excellent human talent and competitive price levels. For example, we charge hourly fees of around USD30 for highly-skilled human talent, which is a competitive price hardly found in any country in the world. We have been growing to such an extent that we now offer specialized engineering services in 30 countries.

What are your prospects for 2018?

We have not evolved in a significant way over the last two years, as we have been conservative regarding new projects due to the political and economic uncertainty caused by the peace process; however, we are sure the engineering business is going to grow. As such, we are expecting significant growth from mid-2018 onward. Despite the changing political landscape, we will grow by at least 10% due to our already secured projects.

What makes IEB the choice provider for engineering services, and what is your strategy to attract international companies to work with you?

Our strategy is based on attracting and growing a select client base. In other words, we do not sell to anyone but rather a niche that needs the services we supply; we search for large companies like Ecopetrol. The reason these companies choose us is because of our knowledge—IEB is an engineering firm that solves extremely complex engineering problems.