TBY talks to Gabriel Evelio Molina Ruíz, General Manager, IncoAsfaltos, on the sector.

Gabriel Evelio Molina Ruíz

What is your forecast for the demand in asphalt along 2018?

It is difficult to predict as the schedules and dates of various project launches are constantly changing, causing demand to change at the same time. Currently, we have eight projects for 4G and have not reached the peak consumption of asphalt. For 1H2018, we expect to see demand between 30,000 and 35,000 tons a month and about 40,000 for the second half. We would like to reach a peak of 55,000 tons, which is higher than the figures in 2014. There are different factors affecting the infrastructure of Colombia. The Ruta del Sol highway project has increased the confidence of the financial industry, getting to the point that perhaps other products cannot gain access to funding. On the other hand, there are public and private alliances that have created new impacts and we remain positive about strong growth. We have a new president now. Santos led the country for eight years and the peace agreement was an important achievement for Colombia. We also hope the new administration will continue its commitment to infrastructure.