Colombia 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Fernando Jaramillo, Commercial Manager, TS Group, on the sector.

Fernando Jaramillo

Can you elaborate on the evolution and achievements of TSGroup?

TSGroup was founded 15 years ago by Catherine Montes and Fernando Jaramillo. We had an essential purpose to establish a group of IT specialists, so that together we could provide a specialized service mainly in AS400, Lotus Notes, and mobile application development. Today, we focus on providing collaborative solutions, cloud services, and customized software development. We have focused on solving and improving business processes, achieving the best experience in the final user through the Web.

What is your view of the digital transformation in Colombia in the coming years?

The evolution of digital transformation in the world has been exponential in recent years. As a company it is necessary to be challenged. One of them is the work teams; the power to be in constant transformation looking for motivation and dynamism is our main objective. This is where partners such as IBM play a fundamental role in our ecosystem, as it is advancing on issues of relevant and transformational digital transformation through tools and services such as Connections, Engagement and Watson, among others, through which it offers cognitive solutions of AI. This evolution allows us to have machines in our homes that can solve different daily problems. The company's continuous improvement is a fundamental part of a paradigm shift and mobility based on mobile devices that is transforming the world of business, facilitating access and decision making. Digital transformation is changing our lifestyles, social interactions, and even economic development, which is why beyond the product or service offered in a market, we must focus on the fact that people need to adopt technologies in a functional way for their better performance in organizations.