Colombia 2017 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Alfredo Correa Muñoz, President, Grupo Disan on the sector.

Alfredo Correa Muñoz

Grupo Disan recently acquired a company in Mexico. Are you targeting any other acquisitions around Latin America?

We are. One of the areas in which we need to grow is in the acquisition of small operations, which is different from our initial model. In this, we started operations from scratch in every country but are now more inclined to the idea of specializing in supply and raw materials in certain industries. We do not necessarily want to wait to learn about these industries but rather buy and learn quickly about these companies through the people we acquire in the acquisition. They will not be large or even medium-sized companies, but small and niche ones that are specialized in specific sectors. This is the main path of growth for Disan's future.

What particular sectors are you most optimistic about for next year?

There are various opportunities in construction, and we are strengthening our participation in the food industry, another growing sector. With construction comes painting and coating, both of which are important opportunities. Finally, we are providing raw materials for the agro-chemical industry, which should also prove lucrative in the coming year.