Colombia 2017 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Andrés Flórez, CEO, Grupo NW, on the sector.

Andrés Flórez

Which sectors have the most opportunities for a software company such as this?

We work in most sectors, but we prefer telecommunications since this is where our biggest customers are, such as Huawei and Claro. We work with our clients in many ways; we help them not only in their telecommunications business, we can help in any type of operation or business needs such as payroll or using biometric software to determine who can enter their offices, or logistic and transportation operations, for example. With Huawei, for example, we help it with telecommunications and the stations it runs across the country.

How competitive is the software sector in Colombia compared to neighboring countries?

In Latin America, our research shows that some countries are excellent for doing business, for example Peru. They are in the same position as Colombia where they are growing and learning about new technology. There are also great opportunities in Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, and Mexico, and we are trying to export more software there. We are pursuing opportunities in China, the US, and Europe.