TBY talks to Guido Fernando Tejada, General Manager, Constructora Gamatelo on the sector.

Guido Fernando Tejada

Where do you see the most opportunities for your company in the future?

We still see strong opportunities in housing developments in certain cities. There are opportunities in retail, which is not growing as it once did but shows upward trends and could still take off in smaller Colombian cities. We are working on Palmira currently, which has 400,000 people and did not have a shopping mall until we built one there. Now, we are building a 16,000-unit project for middle- and high-income housing. This project is close to 4 million sqm of land; such projects cannot be found in larger cities such as Cali, Bogotá, and Medellín.

How is Gamatelo's Santa Barbara City a sector pioneer in Colombia?

This is the first sustainable product in Colombia. We are considering being certified as LEED developers; however, we want to go much further than that. We have only built close to 800 apartments so far. We only started this development about two years ago and built this shopping mall about eight or nine years ago; this is a whole city being built around what we started eight years ago with the shopping mall. This allows our community to actually enjoy public areas and people can interact, making our city safe and friendly.