Colombia 2017 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Beltrán Benjumea, Managing Director, Michael Page Colombia on the sector.

Beltrán Benjumea

In which sectors do you see the most opportunities?

Digital companies are one of the most exciting areas of potential growth, and many traditional companies are investing heavily in digital departments. E-commerce channels are becoming increasingly important for every sector. Another exciting industry is tourism. Hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and cruise companies have a great deal of potential. We hope to see the infrastructure industry move past the recent scandals, because there is a great deal of potential there. The currency devaluation has spurred profitability in the manufacturing sector, and we believe there will be renewed investment in manufacturing across the country.

What is your outlook on the short-term macroeconomic situation in Colombia?

Colombia has a conservative culture, and any shocks or uncertainties are likely to halt investment. However, when the country begins to realize that no major damage has been done to the economy, and when it begins to make certain key reforms, it will continue to grow and create wealth. We see many opportunities, and with a real peace deal, many global multinational companies will flock to Colombia. Many large companies are not currently operating here; however, peace, stability, and reform will bring them in droves.