Colombia 2017 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Eduardo Enrique Rivodó Zambrano, President, Industrial Consulting Group (ICG) on the sector.

Eduardo Enrique Rivodó Zambrano

What future projects do you envision in Colombia, and where are the most opportunities for ICG?

The success of Reficar means that our clients continue to support us and we continue to support them. In 2017, we were contracted again by the state company Ecopetrol, the owners and operators of Reficar, to stabilize its refinery production. We want to continue working with Ecopetrol and Reficar, improving and optimizing the facilities to increase production as well as developing or adding new facilities and lines to tailor to new demands and requirements as they arise. We see many opportunities there, and Ecopetrol is happy to be working with us on the same goals, knowing that we are the right company for the job. Therefore, we see a bright future with Ecopetrol and Reficar. Ecopetrol has plans to start more wells, and we have a competitive advantage in joining that project. We have almost completed the first regasification unit in Colombia in Cartagena. In Mexico, we were selected by the National Hydrocarbon Commission in the first round of phase three for one of the blocks, with potentially 2,500bpd. We are optimistic about that project.