Colombia 2016 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Enrique Sistiva Vargas, General Manager of Proquimsa, on the energy sector.

Enrique Sistiva Vargas

How does Proquimsa differentiate itself from its competitors?

We operate by taking into consideration our clients' necessities, as providing personal attention to our client in any difficult situation is an obligation for us. Quality service is a must for Proquimsa, and when the client is happy, so are we. Quality control is particularly high, as it is a core element of our competitive advantage that we do not compromise. Furthermore, we have a test plant and laboratory where we investigate new materials and new alternative processes in order to improve our products and strengthen our competitiveness.

What trends have you observed in this sector over recent years?

Lubricant consumption in Colombia since 1998 has remained stable at around 42 million gallons per year. Day by day, the industry is designing much more efficient engines and machines that do not need as much maintenance as they did in the past. In addition, the quality of lubricants (synthetics) are improving continuously, prolonging the life of the lubricants and therefore lowering consumption. Another negative factor has been the illegal lubricant market coming in from other countries. This illegal competition is penetrating into the formal markets by offering lower quality products and lower prices.