TBY talks to Gabriel Evelio Molina Ruíz, Director General of IncoAsfaltos , on the rubber asphalt manufacturing.

Gabriel Evelio Molina Ruíz

Can you tell us about the recent incursion into rubber asphalt manufacturing, the benefits of this product, and your innovative investments in this business line?

The modified asphalt recycled rubber (GCR), or Rubber Asphalt, as we call it in Colombia, comprises recycled rubber from old tires mixed into asphalt. We decided to enter this line of business in 2013, investing in a plant that operates in Mosquera at our existing complex. We incorporated GCR to the asphalt operations in a ratio of 18% of the total weight. This has a twofold benefit. First of all, there are environmental benefits, because tires are non-biodegradable materials if not processed, and experts talk of an 800-1,000 year degrading period. In Colombia, it is normal to design pavements for 10 years of use, which is a short period of time. The country was mistakenly funding such projects, as from an economic point of view it doesn't make sense to invest for 10 years only to rehabilitate the project.