TBY talks to Francisco De Paula Gómez, Executive President of Corporate Information, Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Research and Development (AFIDRO), on clinical trials.

Francisco De Paula Gómez

What constitutes your key investments in the Colombian Market?

Clinical trials are our most important investment in Colombia. We have almost 400 such programs running in the country. Companies are interesting in implementing new programs in the country because there are many high-profile hospitals and research centers here, and therefore it is convenient to undertake clinical trials in Colombia. We have the conditions, the researchers, good hospitals, and sponsors present and available. We are starting Phase 2 clinical trials, and facing major challenges in this area. Gaining more knowledge and technology also poses a challenge, and we work to transmit knowledge and technology to companies nationwide.

How do you ensure that ethical considerations are met?

We are dedicated to protecting intellectual property rights, and haveing greater engagement between companies, which is undoubtedly the basis for innovation. We aim to create a more open dialog between companies, and establish a clear relationship with participants in the health system in general, particularly through the new code of ethics we have established.