Colombia 2015 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Maria Clara Choucair, General Manager of Choucair on software quality control.

Maria Clara Choucair

Choucair was the first company in Latin America to specialize in software quality control. How did it all start?

Users formerly ran all the tests, and it was rather uncommon for a company to have its own test department. That motivated me to establish a software testing company from scratch in a country where the concept and culture of software testing, as well as the benefits of this discipline, needed to be created. There were no testers or marketing topics, and outsourcing was barely known; therefore, starting under such circumstances represented a major challenge. People had to be trained, the methods and processes had to be created, and the culture had to be established in order to demonstrate to potential customers that such a business was indeed particularly useful for them.

How does your service enable companies to minimize risk and improve performance?

When correctly aligned with the client's business strategy, we effectively become an enabler of their strategy directly from the testing stage. As we start measuring and testing, we are able to correct the production process of a given product, whereby the production rate increases and gaps between where the customer really is and where they want to be is narrowed. This obviously requires highly qualified personnel with a clearly defined set of skills, as well as a total cognitive analysis and specialized tools and methods in order to perform the task properly.