Close to the heart of Cali, Club Campestre offers a welcome break from city pressures.

Club Campestre de Cali was founded around 84 years ago. Since then the institution has become an icon of Cali and of Colombia. Throughout its history, it has hosted major sporting, social, and institutional events of great significance for the development of the Valle del Cauca region and the country.

In 1971, for example, the Club Campestre de Cali, opened its doors to the world to celebrate the Sixth Pan-American Games, the largest sporting event in Colombia up until that date. More recently, in May 2013, the club hosted the Seventh Summit of the Pacific Alliance, a momentous event in the history of Cali. For the first time, the city hosted eight world leaders discussing issues such as welfare and the reduction of economic inequality for millions of Latin America citizens.

Club Campestre de Cali has world-class infrastructure that allows the hosting of several types of events. Spread over 125 hectares, it has managed to preserve 20 acres of tropical dry forest, a forest type that is almost extinct in the country. As a result, the Club Campestre de Cali is recognized as a sanctuary for flora and fauna, hosting 150 species of trees and shrubs, 151 types of birds, 20 mammals, 12 reptiles, and eight amphibians.

The Club's contribution to the environment is of such magnitude that it was chosen as the headquarters of the Colombia 2015 Birdfair, a meeting place for bird watchers from all over the world and for companies in the public and private sectors that are working on the promotion of ornithological tourism.

Club Campestre de Cali is continually gaining prominence, being a global destination perfectly adapted for corporate tourism, thanks to its complete infrastructure with meeting rooms, six restaurants with the best of national and international cuisine, fields for the practice of golf, tennis, polo, riding, squash, and swimming, and a luxury hotel, set amidst a natural park, as well as a strategic location within the city.